The Browne Center


Courage to Care Video

New Courage to Care Video   Courage to Care™ is an evidence-based curriculum for middle school students, designed to increase empathy and care for others, and reduce bullying and meanness. It has shown extreme effectiveness in tests with over 600 students to improve school culture and climate while reducing peer victimization. It was created by […]

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Challenge Course Management Video

The following is footage from the Spring 2012 UNH Course KIN 541- Challenge Course Management with instructor Jeff Frigon. This course provides students with an introduction to the basic facilitation and technical skills to manage a challenge course program.  Specific topics include: group process, framing, and sequencing, belay methods, participant and instructor equipment, operating procedures […]

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Browne Center Youth and Student Programs Montage

A short video showcasing an array of Browne Center programs & activities. Take a look!

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UNH’s Dual Master’s Degree in Outdoor Education & Social Work

UNH’s Dual Master’s Degree Prgram in Social Work & Adventure Education is one of the many ways UNH is distinctive in the fields of adventure/outdoor education. Check out this short video to learn more. For more infromation, please see the following website.

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NH Chronicle Feature

NH Chronicle features a “day in the life” of a professional development training on The Browne Center challenge course. Hear directly from the Executive Director, Pam McPhee about the power and impact of experiential learning in all its applications.

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The Browne Center working with On Belay

On Belay provides unique adventure based programs that build community among children 9-19 who have or have had a family member with cancer.

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The Browne Center has been providing innovative experiential learning programs since the early 1980s. We provide a wide range of programming from comprehensive trainings to shorter one-day sessions. Our learning programs evolve to meet the needs of our clients and our diverse client base allows us to draw upon best practices from a variety of disciplines and remain sensitive to specific needs and outcomes.

Creating a dynamic program based on your group's specific goals is our approach with every single client. We can provide an action-packed program to meet your needs – whether you are coming together as a new group, integrating new members, building positive group relationships, addressing specific behaviors, or striving for performance excellence.