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The philosophy embraced at The Browne Center is based on two major concepts – Challenge by Choice and the Full Value Contract, terms created by Project Adventure, Inc.

Challenge by Choice means that individuals can choose their level of participation (mental or physical) in any activity. We emphasize the importance of staying involved as a group member, since it is often too easy to remove oneself during unfamiliar and challenging situations.

The Full Value Contract is an agreement among group members to value one’s own ideas and needs without ignoring or discounting the ideas and needs of others.

"We loved our time with you guys! What a delightful day! The staff was challenged to go a step beyond their usual routine, and I had several people tell me that they were surprised at their own accomplishments. Thank you for making the day so rewarding and pleasurable!" - Small Business Owner

The Browne Center has been providing innovative experiential learning programs since the early 1980s. We provide a wide range of programming from comprehensive trainings to shorter one-day sessions. Our learning programs evolve to meet the needs of our clients and our diverse client base allows us to draw upon best practices from a variety of disciplines and remain sensitive to specific needs and outcomes.

Creating a dynamic program based on your group's specific goals is our approach with every single client. We can provide an action-packed program to meet your needs – whether you are coming together as a new group, integrating new members, building positive group relationships, addressing specific behaviors, or striving for performance excellence.