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NEO Air: New Air to Share

NEO Air: New Air to Share

by Nate Folan, Assistant Director of Corporate Programs

So, you are heading to a conference – perhaps its Northeast Regional AEE, AEE International, ACCT, or ASTD.  Your anticipation and curiosity manifests in questions.  What will I get out the experience?  What workshop should I attend?  Who should I try to connect with?  Check that…

What if your anticipation and curiosity was expressed through different questions?  What will I give to the experience?  How will I connect with whoever shows up?  What would I like to learn?  What topic would I explore or workshop could I present, if the conference community expressed interest in it too?

What if a conference invited you to “shape your experience, deepen relationships, and inspire growth” in yourself and others?  The theme of NEO Air (Northeast Open Air Facilitator’s Conference) does just that.

NEO Air is an intimate gathering of inspired people – experiential educators and consultants – with a strong desire to learn from one another in an open space format.  There are no workshops scheduled; yet many topics of interest are explored.  There are no presenters scheduled; yet anyone could present.

What turned up was a gift offered and chosen by the conference community.


A partial list of workshops:

      • Encouraging Meaning Making Through Stress with Pam McPhee
      • Post Tsunami Relief with Jim Schoel
      • Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Enhance Debriefing and Critical Thinking with Steph Frigon
      • Empathy, A Solution to Bullying with Jeff Frigon
      • What the Pop? with Devin Jones
      • Thai Massage with Justin Green
      • The Principals of Karma Yoga with Michelle Wilson
      • Creating a Team Mandala with Cathy Cubby
      • Pins and Noodles with Mike Sallade
      • Skijoring with Keegan (Pam’s Horse)
      • Digital World with Matt Morin
      • Harmony in Motion: Raising Our Capacity to Be Ourselves and Care Sustainably with Movement, Meditation, and Dance with Keyona Aviles
      • An Experiential Approach to Teaching Ecology with Joe Karr
      • Recentering and Closing Activities with Anne Louise Wagner
      • Building Progressions into Your Program with Camille Oosterman


Many passions are stoked, personal and professional connections are built, and most everyone leaves with more questions about their craft than they had coming in…which is a good thing.  Everyone at The Browne Center is grateful to host NEO Air for the second time.  Enjoy the pictures and envision yourself there.

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Michelle, Kai & Nate

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