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Experiential Debriefs

Experiential Debriefs

Debriefing or reflection after or during an activity, or at the end of your program, doesn’t have to be the typical circle with a question and answer format.

Changing up your debriefs throughout the program to keep them varied, novel, and experiential keeps everyone engaged.

Here is a short example of a debrief that is also an activity: tableau vivant or living picture.


One resource on this topic, we highly recommend is:

A Teachable Moment: A Facilitator’s Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing, and Reflection by Jim Cain, Michelle Cummings, and Jennifer Stanchfield.

The book can be purchased at:

The Browne Center has been providing innovative experiential learning programs since the early 1980s. We provide a wide range of programming from comprehensive trainings to shorter one-day sessions. Our learning programs evolve to meet the needs of our clients and our diverse client base allows us to draw upon best practices from a variety of disciplines and remain sensitive to specific needs and outcomes.

Creating a dynamic program based on your group's specific goals is our approach with every single client. We can provide an action-packed program to meet your needs – whether you are coming together as a new group, integrating new members, building positive group relationships, addressing specific behaviors, or striving for performance excellence.